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society we basically have communities imbedded in well for generations of people who have not worked the welfare state was all the idea of a man who might well be turning in his grave william beverages an idea of the five giant evils of society squalor ignorance want idleness and disease some of the very qualities that critics say the system encourages beverage was arctic wealth should only provide you with subsistence levels of support and it should only do so for a short period of top seventy years down the line and welfare spending is the biggest item of government expenditure milking it is so widespread it's become a source of satire you know. we've been on the disability allowance i told her he worked at docklands. do you think you can get managed just ability allowance he's got
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a bone to. westminster now wants to make it clear that benefit on to a career path and coming through the doors of your local job center a year in and year out filling in a few forms and claiming your money is no longer an option but for people that have been through the experience of claiming unemployment benefit they say it's all too easy to get money and no one's really checking whether or not you're genuinely looking for work. artsy london. it's the news for now but more coming your way in about a half an hour's time up next one of the latest special documentaries.
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there is an old urban legend that says that the u.s. army stopped using circular targets for rifle practice because the soldiers would be hesitant to shoot people on the battlefield the logic is that if you practice shooting something that looks like an enemy soldier you'll be desensitized to a killing real enemy soldiers so again the logic is to practice shooting at what you want to kill so you won't hesitate and speaking of not hesitating the law enforcement targets incorporated has created a special line of paper targets for police called new more hesitation so it's on these targets well maybe mexican drug cartel members or l.a. street gangs nope children and pregnant women yeah law enforcement targets offers a product to desensitize police from hesitating to blow away women carrying the unborn and innocent children and you know it's even sicker than that i bet law enforcement agencies are probably buying these things up by the thousands but i just why opinion.
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download the official publication if you so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. any time anyway. whoa. if it. wasn't going to do a little i can't go on to the political i'm the youngest and i can't go long. look
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at the dog scratched me from the table a lot didn't they come help you didn't bite me scratched me. here most recently i saw the soldier and the dog standing over me. last year i lost i was walking alone nobody was with me. and i saw two soldiers approaching with a dog. i ran in the head you know didn't want to get caught so i looked at adults who grabbed me by the shoulders and i am going down and then the soldiers came in the lung my arms were bleeding my clothes were a mess and the dog scratched me sure going to what can a woman do against unarmed soldier amongst lamarck going and the soldier had
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a dog i was terrified. who were recruited and i was so traumatized that the soldier brought me water to drink one no i said just leave me alone i don't want anything just leave me alone. yup. let's go up to the road. mark i'm looking out for you no car yet go back down for ten minutes. the idea that it will get in trouble standing here becomes a police run. up.
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whereas for yet. where spy yet. is behind us. it was. a lot of shot over such a stupid fuck up stuff for all. the queer trouble wrote about got. that's the same cop who chased us down the hill he doesn't mind or not i don't know enough it had to be done but evidently if it catches this time it's jail for us jamila not that way so don't go alone come with me there's a den shall do you mean your voice echoes let's hide a while then we'll wait for the car lot the best way the little political defeat of
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the one thing you were hanging out with the workers to do that. did not have never got through got through. to me just wonder where did the soldiers go. falls rather amazed by the pine tree and she says to come back no we're not going back i'm not that crazy little lady of the sky have a feeling we'll catch us up. the most of the one and only god omnipotent king of heaven and earth which will be going to the mall to the financial. system. and it will go through we're going to do multiple. images. that we're not going back to that we're going through the. paths not on the security road don't look take the end of pass because i'm not going back i'm not
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going back none of us want to show their old goat was. all and now it takes three or four hours to get there. at the bottom of the bed to go through the yam. you want to go through there you might what if there is water it will go through say yeah i like that rather than i don't know whether there's water there already. are you. preparing the process of getting a permit. you could move there submit a request and you'll get a permit for the message if i get called again i won't get a permit they said it was my last chance when it went wrong is they catch me again feeling. like a lot of. shit for. ft
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. lewis. move. move move move. move move move move move. you. learn. to move move. you. please.
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she works while he sleeps. he's sleeping and she's here. we were can basically be really can you believe it. which he doesn't want his parents to know his wife works also why is it that bad. to start a new work but everyone attacks you everyone's against us and we do it for their sake. i just thought. that through the. idea of area up till. it was out of all the stuff i am where they have to be there at seven we can't just sit here by time as it takes forty five the lady of the house leaves at seven her husband leaves the seven twenty eight o'clock
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am i don't have a key they didn't leave me a key i don't know the code for the door. roof that he said but on that particular i have to call her and get it on the walk of them how many of while we're alone here how we get back fatma. and one of the police catch was a police still here apparently. closed up like ok we're on the way let's move on the novelty. of it isn't until i walk in pairs bassma and moon a you go first shot miss on the main road just check the road for us well. look. at all of course protect us. knock you out we're always in danger. it's god protect us my heart just pounding. it is going to. look
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a little tell got much to come close the driver doesn't want to publicly. thank you were you going. to do this don't fear the settlement you know keep going how i. just it was stopped me as a settlement saved by the road you said they were really don't drive me crazy look at how was it my fault. now joe where are you near the second settlement. back the other way come on it's only two women. you pay me for this flotilla. i'll pay you that. was going to just turn around this damn road will be in debt oh year. as the police isn't it just. relax don't run. just don't
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run. don't try and. here they are. all get in the back quick let's get this day over with this place is crawling with security forces nobody was because there were police jeeps wherever we ran into a courthouse me and tried and i would be in jail and i'd be in trouble too i'm so unlucky. and you thought my bad luck like don't bad luck today. was
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established late. he's asleep yes squint water on him ok ok you awake i'm awake. thank. god always brings me pearlman thanks dad god i wish you'd find me a millionaire. well look i'm tired life as tired me out to. the public up on the road stole my life. and look at world com but sometimes i come home too late to see my kids but now i'm so tired i fall asleep and i'm not i don't know if they have problems i don't care what they're doing when the mother works the kids learn to dress themselves i don't ever see people i tell my son i work hard i don't see how hard i work so you can go to school oh i'll see if anything grow up to be important and
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free me from this slavery and see what i do for your sake don't you grow up you have to help me you know look at me when i come home late my son asks why you lay did the army catch you oh my daughter too they wait by the window for me a few days ago my son waited on the main road you saw me coming in dog most noble it was a long delay did the army catch you. choose
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your language. of choice because we know if they feel some of the. treatments that use the consensus get to. choose the opinions that invigorating to . choose the stories that impact good life choose be access to your officers. mission free accreditation free in-store charge of free. range month three. free. free. old free blog jasmyne in video for your media project a free media oh god r t dot com.
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me is eve. eve.
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i. was that. you and me are in big trouble. i ran jamila run. run. lead i started working in israel when i was twenty seven. and i'm sixty two so many. lives were surrounded by fences and you can't live without working. live in order to work you need to permit. ultimately when i had to go in this way. because people come in this way. how could they get out of.
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it doesn't it get it made you need in this really good renter to sign for you the city was unable to is willing to sign for us with the city. mechanics i walked in israel before they built the security fence i started it. goodness awful could do a better world but hassling me. janish i used to work because the people who treated me with respect couldn't learn the suddenly they greeted me with coffee and cake with. one accord and cut up wouldn't do it either and then i'd stop working.
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my midnight jeep trusted me. and that i still have the keys to the house as i work tend to pay in reference to. eat. because we want freedom that's all we ask of israel freedom.
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it was stolen for women who work in israel are great it's live a struggle and work is hell it is main. or in the class we've saved our kids from the forward to. this level we women who work in israel have done more for our kids than the men have been in the saloon. we go out at two am and get to work at eight thirty six hours on the road if i
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had a paramedic i'd go proudly through the bethlehem chapel and it wouldn't take more than ten or fifteen minutes to get there were ten or fifteen minutes from my house to the checkpoint i have to pay the price to make an honest living pay for bread with blood. but not the buses here. thank you. all more i didn't call you my kids don't leave me any money i lurk but i'll close one eye. it's five or six. blocks of that where like ghosts. give me so i jam or put on music pirates. how's your husband wife
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is fine he's crazy about me you know cause that's why he wakes you up at two am to go to work. to bring him money he loves me and he makes me go out in the middle of the night he loves her because she gives him food i give him money that it really got to her that it will but we don't have time for love let me show that we don't hardly see our kids my daughter goes to sleep before i can see her. every day my son asks me about that i'll take whatever you want just let me sleep. it think. i'll get it all the way. yes i'm getting out last stop that i don't cover your face so they'll think we're from her mass i was. feeling this if you yeah. yeah did i look into action when i see myself in
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a nice place like jerusalem all to dickie i say to myself here i am getting paid in this lovely place i get to see it and many other people never get. to baghdad thank god we made it to jerusalem for our children's sake not the political people are sparing they wonder who we are it was a strange women we're from israel. none of that since when do arabs abate traffic signals. let's look at that when they get to drislane might prove to myself that despite over the road blocks and bends the way i look at it they made it in.
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little bit. old. legless.
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good speech. if you. wish. me good. luck. charm. i'm out of my mind i'm a little. wealthy british style it's time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. more news today violence is once again fled the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are today. it. looks.
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good speech. we. wish. him luck good. luck and in the. long run i'm a little.


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